Users and Innovation research INUSE is a cross Aalto university research group that creates in-depth knowledge on the role of users in socio-technical change. Our work focuses on user and designer practices, user innovation communities, co-design arrangements and pathways of user contributions to innovative products. INUSE group has a dual existence. Part of it belongs to the research organization of the department of design, and in part the group integrates researchers from Aalto schools in joint research projects.

The purpose of 7th Feb seminar was to begin the dual mode existence of the group by providing an understanding of what each one in the group is doing to facilitate exchanges both inside and outside the group. All welcome!


Program 7th Feb 2012:

Sampsa Hyysalo: INUSE in a nutshell: co-design communities and pathways
Mikael Johnson: Strategic and cumulative: developer-user dialogue at Habbo
Sebastian Greger: The absent peer: non-users of social media services
Stephanie Freeman: Governing Hybrid Open Source Community

Download Stephanie Freeman’s presentation

Tiina Kymäläinen: Front-end co-design of smart spaces
Louna Hakkarainen: Smart technology for elderly from living labs?
Download Louna Hakkarainen’s presentation

Halvor Skrede: Facilitating the value from random research outcomes
Jouni Juntunen:  Making Technology Fit: Domestication and User Development of Sustainable Energy Systems in Finnish Homes

Samuli Mäkinen & Pia Helminen: Lead-users and co-design at YLE