8.5.2012 10.00-12.00 Mikko Rask & Sampsa Hyysalo: In the grey zone of participation
Location: Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus (Kaikukatu 3, Helsinki), 5. krs, Monitori.

User and citizen participation is often portrayed as inherently good, democratic and empowering. Most frameworks devoted to it focus on principles for making it just, responsible, motivating and so on. In this seminar meeting we foster discussion on other facets than the handsome face of participation. To set discussion going Dr. Mikko Rask elaborates the cognitive, structural and operative roadblocks to large public deliberation projects. Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo recounts the manipulated/ive participation in user participation in packaged software development.

Senior Researcher Mikko Rask continues on the topic that engaged the participants of this seminar in December 2011. The presentation is based on his ongoing work at National Consumer Research Centre, where he pursues his Academy of Finland Postdoctoral research project. Professor Hyysalo’s presentation is based on a decade of research on health ICT and packaged software development. The two introductions are about 30 minutes each, after which we invite everyone present to participate actively in the discussion. The Inuse seminar is relatively informal, intended as an arena where questions can be raised and debates can be conducted.