14.11.2013 14.00-16.00 Marttila – Botero – Hyysalo: Openness turn in co-design. From Usability, Sociability and Designability Towards Openness

Venue: Aalto ARTS, Hämeentie 135C, 8krs Industrial design, class 885

Building upon both design research theory and practice, this paper explores the evolving field of co-design in digital media, and interrogates the antecedent and contemporary orientations of the field. We suggest that these orientations can be identified as turns to usability, sociality, and designability. We discuss how these turns have brought prominence to different framings of co-design process and various competences required of media designers. Against this backdrop we reflect what the recent turn to openness entails for media design, and furthermore how the concept of commons—collective action relying on commonly shared resources can bring for future of collaborative media design.

Sanna Marttila is a doctoral candidate and Andrea Botero post-doctoral researcher in dept. Media in Aalto ARTS,both focussing on collaborative development of media. Sampsa Hyysalo is associate professor of co-design in department of design, Aalto ARTS.