Venue: Aalto BIZ, room E127 (Hartwall), Arkadia building, Lapuankatu 2, 1st floor
Time: 14.00 – 16.00

In the energy sector, the end-user role is changing from passive consumer to active co-provider with de-centralized technologies. This presentation elaborates what kind of forms of active energy usership emerge with renewable micro-generation. The author draws from and contributes primarily to research on energy consumption, social shaping of technology, and user innovation research. The key findings demonstrate how homeowners have an evolutionary approach in building and configuring residential energy systems which should be recognized in energy policy and design. Flexibility to adapt to changes is an important factor and it fosters sustainable development pathways and proliferation of renewable energy generation in households.

This presentation is based on doctoral thesis work which has been recently submitted for pre-examination in Aalto University School of Business Organization and Management discipline. 

Jouni Juntunen: The Active Energy Citizen: User Innovation, Prosumption and New Energy Communities in Renewable Micro-Generation. Doctoral thesis submitted for pre-examination, Aalto University, School of Business Organization and Management.