CODO – Getting collaborative design done – is an inquiry into mundane and strategic organizing of collaborative design in the early 21st century. It focuses on how user and citizen engagements get done in everyday practice in industry, in the public sector and in peer-to-peer projects currently. It uses ethnographic case-research in a suite of key sites and projects to gain deep, open-ended understanding of what it takes to get collaborative design done. An important premise of the work is that important actions in getting collaborative design done include routinized work, which hitherto has gone unnoticed in practitioners’ own writings and also neglected in the often rationalized process descriptions and accompanying case reports of design researchers. In attending to this issue the project looks deeper at the strategizing in which both designers and users engage in order to get to outcomes they desire from design collaboration.

The project rests on previous research by three senior researchers (Prof. Jack Whalen (PI) Assoc Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo and Assoc Prof. Tuuli Mattelmäki ) and their re-search teams on the practices of collaborative design during the last two decades. Funding has been provided by the Academy of Finland.

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