Intermediaries in the energy transition: The invisible work of creating markets for sustainable energy solutions (TRIPOD) is project that empirically research innovation intermediaries and specify the concepts and analytical tools relevant for intermediation in the context of the ongoing energy transition, i.e., the shift to low-energy and distributed renewable-based energy systems.

The objectives are to (A) identify and assess the role of intermediaries in creating, channeling and coordinating market and broader societal demand for new low carbon technologies and services and in adapting these technologies to local contexts; (B) establish the influence of different intermediary organizations and forms of work on different types of energy innovation and energy transition processes; (C) examine how energy transition intermediaries come into being, establish their functional roles, evolve, and gain legitimacy, (D) compare intermediation in different contexts (between government and citizens, energy and technology providers and users) and in different actor configurations (including or excluding certain market/societal actors) and organizational settings, and (E) distinguish between generic features of intermediation in energy transitions, and features that are specific to particular contexts or configurations.

The project is funded by Academy of Finland.