Jouni K. Juntunen, Sampsa Hyysalo:

Renewable micro-generation of heat and electricity—Review on common and missing socio-technical configurations

Available here: http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1R2tv_V0xOzxiM


ABSTRACT: A widespread adoption of distributed generation (DG) technologies in energy systems can play a key role in creating clean, reliable energy and support the targets of emission reduction. A transition from current modes of production to a significant deployment of renewable energy technologies can fundamentally affect the structure of the industry and change the way energy is produced, transmitted and sold. The current paper provides an extended review of the socio-technical configurations of micro-generation based on journal publications and reports during the 21st century. The paper analyses currently existing and missing configurations and discusses technology and policy implications to support proliferation of micro-generation technology and local energy production from renewable sources. The potential for new configurations can be found particularly in heat producing micro-generation with solar heat, heat pumps, and biomass. Developing further the operations and maintenance of distributed generation technologies and business models appears an area that calls for further innovation, and corresponding innovation policy measures. Third party service and community-driven deployment models can aide the proliferation of distributed generation and further innovation therein, justifying the introduction of feed-in-tariffs to attract such models during their early diffusion.

Keywords: Renewable energy; Micro-generation; Decentralized energy production; Socio-technical configuration; Business model; Community energy

Juntunen, J. K., & Hyysalo, S. 2015. Renewable micro-generation of heat and electricity—Review on common and missing socio-technical configurations. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 49: 857–870.