The objective of the FUCAM project (FUture Cabin for the Asian Market) is to develop a 2025+ conceptual cabin design for short and medium range aircrafts operating in the the Asian market.

The Fucam project is conducted in collaboration with Airbus Group SE and several other industrial and research partners from Europe and Japan. The project is funded by EU Horizon 2020 program, and lasts for three years starting on Feb 2016.

In the project, future user requirements for the airlines and passengers are discovered and analyzed, with a focus on Japan and two other key markets representing the Asian area (China, South-East Asia). In parallel, the project will establish a panorama of the innovative cabin technologies emerging in Europe and Japan. From these inputs, a cabin concept capable of answering the collected requirements is composed, while incorporating the most promising enabling technologies.

Furthermore, thorough studies will be conducted on the integration of this cabin concept into the aircraft (installation, reconfiguration, power and data compatibility), in order to raise its maturity level to technology readiness level 3. This will include several validation steps, involving first a functional mock-up produced in Europe, and later a full-scale customer validation mock-up produced in Japan.