Seminar on intermediaries in energy transition. This seminar features prominent international experts on intermediaries in innovation and sustainability transition. It is organised by Academy of Finland consortium “Intermediaries in the energy transition: The invisible work of creating markets for sustainable energy solutions (TRIPOD)”.

Location: Suomen ympäristökeskus (Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki, Finland), Meeting Room Tervapaasky, 8th floor.

Please register online to the seminar here.

For further information, please contact Sampsa Hyysalo (sampsa.hyysalo at aalto.fi), Paula Kivimaa (p.kivimaa at sussex.ac.uk), Eva.Heiskanen (Eva.Heiskanen at helsinki.fi) or Eeva Primmer (eeva.primmer at syke.fi).


Day 1: Intermediaries in Innovation and System Transition

9:30-11:30 (Chair Eeva Primmer)

Opening: Sampsa Hyysalo, Aalto University, School of Arts and Design

Laurens Klerkx, Wageningen University:

Intermediaries vs. champions: exploring functional complementarities

Wouter Boon, Utrecht University:

Innovation Intermediaries: Building bridges for Global Health. Exploring the role of Innovation Intermediaries in product development

Paula Kivimaa, University of Sussex / Finnish Environment Institute SYKE:

Intermediary actors in low energy transitions: facilitating innovation, creating markets, disrupting institutions?

Day 2: User side transition intermediaries 9:30-11:30

Opening: Sampsa Hyysalo

Adrian Smith, University of Sussex:

Making the most of community energies: Three perspectives on grassroots innovation

Sampsa Hyysalo, Aalto University School of Arts and Design:

Internet forums as transition intermediaries: user innovation and peer support in renewable home heating