Hakkarainen, L. & Hyysalo, S. (2016) The Evolution of Intermediary Activities: Broadening the Concept of Facilitation in Living Labs. Technology Innovation Management Review. 6 (1) 45-58.

Available here:  http://timreview.ca/article/960


Innovation intermediaries play an important role in open innovation endeavours. In living
lab projects, where different professional identities and organizational cultures are at play,
intermediary actors facilitate learning between stakeholders and manage tensions and conflicts of interest. The current living lab literature recognizes the importance and multifacetedness of these actors, but does not shed light on the work they do at a more practical level. Our study seeks to capture the variety and evolution of work tasks of user-side innovation intermediaries during and after a four-year technology project in a living lab. The study explores how these mediating actors tackle the everyday challenges of a living lab project. This article is grounded on a longitudinal qualitative case study of a innovation process for a floor monitoring system for elderly care – the “smart floor”.