Ecologies of user knowledge

Mäkinen, S., Hyysalo, S. & Johnson, M. (2018) Ecologies of user knowledge: linking user insight in organisations to specific projects, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 31 (3): 340-355.

Available here: https://doi.org/10.1080/09537325.2018.1502874


ABSTRACT: Failure to meet user preferences continues to prevail as a major reason for innovation project failure despite wide arrays of methods and methodologies available for addressing it. The user research and user insight availability problem appears to have become replaced by a method and insight adequacy problem. This calls for the means to better address how organisations and project teams know their users, and how this knowing is intertwined in other organisational processes. A research challenge lies in developing representational templates that are both specific enough for addressing explicit and implicit user insight and encompassing enough for linking these to the relevant project and organisational issues. We develop such a representational template based on ecologies of knowledge mapping and discuss its potential through applying it to a comparative study on two social media web service projects of the Finnish National Broadcasting Company.

Keywords: user involvement, ecology of knowledge, technology and innovation studies, socio-technical