Creative practices have already demonstrated transformational potential in the area of social cohesion and environmental citizenship, but they are often fragmented, poorly resourced and badly understood. The CreaTures project (Creative Practices for Transformational Futures) demonstrates the power of creative practices to move the world towards social and ecological sustainability through addressing ways of being and lifestyles.

Through direct engagement and co-creation, our observatory, laboratory, and evaluation procedures bring together diverse arts and design practices with common intentions to transform society. Together, we examine common processes towards sustainability (e.g. socially engaged and participatory practices, acts of reflection, collaborative meaning-making) to create insights that allow projects to focus their efforts more effectively and policy-makers and implementers to see the merit of employing these techniques. By understanding the impact such engagement and collaboration can have upon publics, we can engage more effectively in sustainability-generating action.

Our research and practice are led by the following questions:

  • What are the specific qualities of transformational creative practices?
  • How might creative and transformational aspirations and aims be aligned in practice?
  • What are the ways to measure and communicate the impact of such practices?
  • How might we encourage and support future transformational creative practices from the individual to infrastructural level across Europe and beyond?