Kivimaa, Boon, Hyysalo & Klerx (2019) Towards a typology of intermediaries in sustainability transitions

We aim to bring more clarity to the topic of intermediaries in transitions by providing a definition of transition intermediaries and a typology of five intermediary types that is sensitive to the emergence, neutrality and goals of intermediary actors as well as their context and level of action. We argue that systemic and niche intermediaries are the most crucial forms of intermediary actors in transitions, but they need to be complemented by a full ecology of intermediaries.

Kivimaa et al. (2019) Passing the baton: How intermediaries advance sustainability transitions in different phases

We integrate existing conceptual models on transition dynamics and phases and a typology of transition intermediaries to examine how intermediaries advance transitions in different phases. We illustrate our conceptual insights through examples from car clubs, heat pumps and low-energy housing. We conclude that intermediation is paramount from predevelopment to stabilisation of a transition.

Köhler et al. (2019) An agenda for sustainability transitions research: State of the art and future directions

This article provides an extensive review and an updated research agenda for sustainability transitions, classified into nine main themes. The review shows that the scope of this field of research has broadened and connections to established disciplines have grown stronger. At the same time, we see that the grand challenges related to sustainability remain unsolved, calling for continued efforts and an acceleration of ongoing transitions.