Samuli’s interests are in the approaches for product and service development. In his research he emphasizes strategic user involvement with a focus on lead users, user innovations and participatory design. He has practical design experience complemented by background in multidisciplinary projects and studies, as well as in international product development.


M.Sc. (Tech.)
Aalto University, School of Science and Technology

International Design Business Management Program (IDBM)
Aalto University, School of Art and Design, School of Economics and School of Science and Technology

ME310, Project-Based Engineering, Design and Innovation
Stanford University

Selected Publications

Mäkinen, S., Hyysalo, S., & Johnson, M. (2018) Ecologies of user knowledge: linking user insight in organisations to specific projects. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management.

Hannukainen, P., Mäkinen, S. & Hyysalo, S. (2017) Organizational adoption of the lead user method: A follow-up study on intentions versus actions. International Journal of Business Excellence, 12 (4).

Helminen, P., Mäkinen, S & Holopainen, M. (2016) Better User–Developer Communication in Service Development by Collaborative Physical Modelling. International Journal of Services and Operations Management, 23 (2).

Hyysalo, S., Helminen, P., Mäkinen, S., Johnson, M., Juntunen, J. & Freeman, S. (2015) Intermediate Search Elements and Method Combination in Lead-User Searches. International Journal of Innovation Management, 19 (1).

Johnson, M., Hyysalo, S., Mäkinen, S., Helminen, P., Savolainen, K. & Hakkarainen, L. (2014) From Recipes to Meals… and Dietary Regimes: Method Mixes as Key Emerging Topic in Human-Centred Design. NordiCHI’14 Helsinki 26-30.10. 2014.

Hyysalo, S., Kohtala, C., Helminen, P., Mäkinen, S., Miettinen, V. & Muurinen, L. (2014) Collaborative futuring with and by makers. CoDesign, 10 (3-4).

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